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welcome to ASAP
  • ASAP, Architectural Sketches and Perspectives, can respond to your need for quality architectural illustrations, to sell, promote and advertise your project in a competitive market.

  • A wide range of styles is available; watercolour, coloured pencil, pen and marker renderings. By closely liaising with designers and clients, each picture is completed to give an accurate and lively impression.

  • With my architectural background, and 25 years of experience in the perspective business, I can quickly produce finished artwork at the concept end of the design process - (working "in-house" if required, alongside the design team) or produce finely detailed images from working drawings.

  • Many offices have used ASAP to successfully compete for or promote large town/urban planning projects. Intricately detailed aerial views can be enhanced with a series of smaller illustrations to give a comprehensive overall view of planning projects.

  • My fully detailed watercolour pictures convey the soft subtlety of the medium - the traditional "architect's perspective". Coloured pencil / pastel illustrations can be equally detailed, utilising greater depths of colour and vitality in the pencil strokes.

  • The completed work is available as an original perspective on paper or board. It can also be delivered digitally by e-mail or on a CD ROM. In addition, we can design and produce Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to allow clients to realize the full potential of the images. PowerPoint presentations allow the project to be marketed in a high impact and visually attractive way.

  • My wife Irene provides administrative support in the office.

Neil & Irene Coleman
Members of AAAI